Our Mission and Strategic Prospects

Our Mission and Strategic Prospects

Our Mission

Contribute women’s integration  to Information Society in Armenia and women's empowerment with technologies. 

Promote technological education, entrepreneurship in IT,  encourage women's participation and leadership growth in ICT and its related fields.  

Raise issues on women and Information society in Armenia for wider audience with various channels of mass media. 

Develop standards to evaluate women's inviolvement  and volume in Information society building processes. 

Support women's vocational training and job search issues with special stress in RA marzes. 

Support young women and girls with profession choices in IT. 

Join forces around information society strategy implementation accentuating women's involvement component policy. 


Our Startegic Prospects 

Ensure women's IT equal access, opportunity and participation. 

Raise obstacles women have to face in IT integration in knowledge-based society. 

Integrate  gender analysis and principles in national digital and e-strategy frameworks and agendas and develop proactive policies and programs across all sectors for women as active and primary agents of change in designing, using and adapting ICT

collect inforation on gender component and ICT correlation, anaylse, carry out research, elaborate fact-based policy. 

Fuel women with ICT knowledge to empower them as Inofration society builders, chnagemakers and leaders. Promote educational programs for girls and women and create a relevant educational environment. 

Ensure women's Internet rights, principles and dialogues.  

Integrate women in IT sector state and private enterprises in decision making processes. 

Build relevant skills and environment for women's involvent and progress in ICT. 

Draw up events plan to integrate diaspora women's potential in information society building processes in Armenia based on the best practises of other countries. 








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You can contact us via the following contact form

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