Women and information society

Women and information society

Women and Information Society NGO activites and partnership

Women and Information Society NGO was established in 2011. The mission of the NGO is to encourage young girls' and women's integration into Information Society and empower them with IT-s.  

So what is Information Society and what is its role? 

In Geneva(2003) and in Tunis(2005), the World Summit on Information Society (WSIS) was held in two phases, where 176 UN member states, Armenia among them, assembled to declare “common desire and commitment to build a people-centered, inclusive and development-oriented Information Society, where everyone can benefit from the opportunities that Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) can offer. UN member states agreed that in order to build Information Society, where everyone can create, access, utilize, share information and knowledge, and improve quality of life: 

--all stakeholders should work together;

- improve access to information and communication infrastructure and technologies;

- improve access to information and knowledge; - build capacity;

- increase confidence and security in the use of ICTs;

- create an enabling environment at all levels;

- develop and widen ICT applications in all aspects of life; 









- foster and respect cultural diversity;

- recognize the role of the media;

- address the ethical dimensions of the Information Society;

- encourage international and regional cooperation.

All the countries of the Summit, and Armenia among them, were obliged to elaborate national estrategies (E-Society) before 2010 and agreed “that the development of ICTs provides enormous opportunities for women, who should be an integral part of, and key actors, in the Information Society.” They are committed to ensure that Information Society enhances women's empowerment and their full participation on equality basis in all spheres of society and in all decision-making processes. To this end, they should mainstream a gender equality perspective and use ICTs as a tool to that end (WSIS, Declaration of Principles). Gender-specific indicators on ICT use and needs should be developed, and measurable performance indicators should be identified to assess the impact of funded ICT projects on the lives of women and girls. 

Thus, to build an Information society, technologies have to be applied in all aspects of life, perhaps this is the reason that a lot of specialists are needed in IT. This tendency will stay unchanged in our country and the world for long years. The number of young specialis in IT, is rapidly increasing as there are unlimited opportunities for them.                                             

Women and Information Society NGO aims to raise women's participation and leadership in IT education and entreprenurship. 

 The NGO has cooperated with many Armenian, local state and private companies namely; The International Telecommunication Union (ITU), European Union, the UN Armenia Office, US embassy in Armenia, The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland, AUA, The National Institute of Education of Armenia, UNDP, UEICT, AGBU, Synopsys Armenia, Unicomp, SME-s incubator foundation, Service Titan, Armenian--Indian excellence center,  Eastern European and Cenral Asia Mobile solutions regional laboratory, Microsoft Innovation center in Armenia, World leader of net solutions--Cisco, Asian Development Bank, PEM Consult, E-dram--Internet payment system operator, National center of educational technologies, Physics and Mathematics school, Ararat Bank, Volterman, Onex.   




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You can contact us via the following contact form

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