Technovation Girls Armenia 2017-2022

In 2007 Women and Information Society NGO in partnership with The National Institute of Education initiated Technvation Armenia program for the first time.

Technovation is an international competition in which girls between the ages of 8 and 18, from more than 100 countries, participate.Technovation offers girls around the world the opportunity to learn the skills they need to emerge as entrepreneurs and technology leaders.

 8-12 age group schoolgirls form beginner teams, 12-15 junior teams and 15-18 year old girls senior teams.  Technovation Girls program consists of 12 week online training for 50 hours, which is available to everyone.

At 12-week training teams with five girls and a mentor study four modules; Coding, AI (Artificial Intelligence), Marketing, Business Plan, and Pitching. Teams identify a social issue in their communities aligned with UN Key Sustainable Development Goals, SDG-s; nature protection, poverty elimination peace, equality, education and healthcare and try to solve the issues with developing mobile applications.    

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA, developed the 12-week training course.  Teams make applications using App Inventor or Thunkable programs.

Training materials are in Armenian, which are shared with team members.   A series of distance consultations are organized for the teams from remote regions.

The online program is multicomponent; apart from giving teams mobile application creating skills and knowledge, it also develops critical thinking, initiation taking for social issues in communities, product creating and offering to potential users.

Since 2009 25,000+ girls have participated in Technovation international program from 115+ countries. (source՝

Since 2017 316+ teams, 1600+schoolgirls, 300+mentors from all over Armenia have participated in the program. 138+ mobile applications on social issues have been developed. They have had a chance to gain updated information and knowledge. 

Technovation program accentuates community building. The bottom line of the program is girls’ mentors’ and community interconnection to detect social issues and come up with solutions with technology. Teams first compete in Armenia, and then winning teams get a chance to participate in the international competition organized by Google. Winners are invited to the world award ceremony in Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston.  

In 2017 AGBU board member, Synopsys Armenia president, Synopsys Corporation head architect Ervant Zorian willingly agreed to become Good Will Ambassador for Technovation Armenian program in the frame of AGBU Armenia’s BRIDGE4CSOs.

In 2017 One Step Ahead team from Karbi, Aragatsotn marz became Technovation Armenia competiton winner and had a chance to participate in the international competition. The team won the firt prize in education nomination for developing Armenian Sign Language mobile application.  One Step Ahead was also awarded people's award. 


 One Step Ahead team has participated in many events, interviews. 


About Technovation Girls Armenia 2021

  • In 2021  teams are  challenged to develop  mobile apps that address  issues   align with Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): Environment, Poverty Elimination, Peace, Equality, Education,Health and not only.

  • In 2021schoolgirls and mentors with special needs will be encouraged to participate. Participants with special needs will be provided with necessary assistance. 

  • By 2025 inclusive component will be implemented in educational system of Armenia without exception.  

Technovation Impact on mentors

According to the survey conducted in 2018 

  • Mentors have been interested in gaining technological new knowledge, its improvement, developing mobile applications and using them in offering real life solutions to issues. 

  • Mentors have supported teams in formation, project management, ideation, business planning, mentoring and coding. 

  •  55% of mentors have learnt to develop mobile applications, 57% have gained technological knowledge, 73% have shaped leadership skills, have become confident in team building, 42% have raised sense of job satisfaction, 38% have felt rewarded. 

Technovation Impact on Girls

  •   87% of girls have indicated that their mentors encouraged them to obtian new knowledge. 

  • 78% + have mention self-esteem raise in problem-solving and that Technovation has its contribution to it.  

  • Half of the teams have mentioned that they spent most of their time coding and mobile application design. 

  • Technovation modules have been of great interest to all the teams, in particular team cooperation and entrepreneurship skills development. 

  • In the result of 2018 survey, 85%  were ready to participate in  2019 Technovation as well as become mentor for new teams.  

  • Technovation impact on families of teams 

  • Technovation triggers technological awareness in the familles of the teams. Parents have been ready to monitor their children's progress and help them to voice community issues. 

2017-2021 Technovation Armenia/Technovation Girls has been financed by  the grants provided by US state department Small Grants program, AGBU Bridge for CSO-s,  The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland. 

Technovation Girls, Armenia has been supported by Service Titan, Synopsys Armenia, UN office, Armenia, Union of employers of Information and Comunication Technologies, AUA, Enterprise Incubator Foundation/EIF, Physics and Mathematics Specialised School, Ararat Bank, Volterman company, Onex company. Service Titan co-founder Vahe Kuzoyan sent his videomessage to the teams in Technovation Girls, Armenia regional competition.  

Technovation Armenia 2019 Award Ceremony  

2017  Award Ceremony

2017 Regional Pitch Event

2017 Regional Winners

2018 Award Ceremony

2019 Award Ceremony

2020 Regional Pitch Event 


 May 17, 19, 21 Technovation Girls, Armenia 2021 regional competition was held with 48 junior and senior teams from Yerevan and all marzes of Armenia. IT sector experts  evaluated pitch and the ideas of the mobile applications and shared  valuable recommendations with the teams.  The competition took place in European University, Yerevan.  

May 17, 13 teams competed. The competiton was announced open with a welcoming sppech delivered by  V.Soghomonyan, deputy rector, Eropean University. He wished the girls success. 

Women and Information Society NGO president, Narine Abazian also welcomed the teams, mentors, and the judges. 

Day 1, May 17

Day 2, May 19 

21 senior teams participated in the regional competiton on May 19. Hasmik Aharonyan, acting Head of International Cooperation Department at Ministry of High Tech Industry of the Republic of Armenia welcomed the teams, all the participants and stressed the importance of the program and hoped for future cooperation. Women and Information Society NGO president Narine Abazian greeted the teams, mentors, jury and shared Vahe Kuzoyan's, co-founder of Service Titan company greeting videomessage with the participants of the competiton.  

Day 3, May 21

Women and Information Society NGO president Narine Abazian welcomed all the participants, guests, jury of the competition day.  

Technovation Girls, Armenia, 2021

 598 +17 participants 

92 teams 

488 schoolgirls 

107 mentors

48 semi-finalists

17 jury 

 3 special education experts 



                                                                  Technovation Girls, Armenia, 2021

               Regional Awards Ceremony 

Since 2017 Women and Information Society, NGO has been administring Technovation girls, in Armenia.   

Every year at the end of the program, award ceremony is held which sums up the outcomes.  

2021 was special as the 5th year of the program implementation in Armenia  was celebrated.  Women and Informantion Society NGO also had a special occasion as it marked the 10th year of establishment. 

Technovation girls, Armenia 2021 teams before the Award Ceremony introduced the results of their ideas in the expo initiated by Women and Information Society NGO. 

Women and Information Society NGO president, Technovation Girls, Armenia regional ambassador Narine Abazian made a welcoming speech which heralded the beginning of the Award Ceremony. 

The Ambassador of Finland to South Caucasus, Mrs. Kristi Narinen sent her inspirational videomessage to the particiants of the event.

Technovation Girls, Armenia program Good Will Ambassador, Ervant Zorian's videomessage for the participants of the event.

Service Titan company co-founder Vahe Kuzoyan's videomessage to the participants of the event.

Three senior teams receive Grand Prix from ServiceTitan Armenia office head Ashot Tonoyan.

Three junior teams received Grand Prix by Synopsis Armenia head, Hovik Musayelyan. 

Orion Innovations Armenia representative Armen  Kherlopian greeted the teams, mentors

and organisers warmly. 

Eduard Musayelyan, Executive Director at UEICT (Union of Employers of Information and Communication Technologies)presented the teams with prizes for deveoping applications addressed to community development. 

Vahram Soghomoyan, deputy rector of European  University  presented on of the teams with a special prize. 

Gayane Stepanyan, head of the department of digital services, Araratbank presented teams with certificates for developing mobile applications to develop community.   

  Diana Babakhanova, project manager in Locator, Armenia presented the teams with certificates and prizes. 

Chessify comany representative also greeted the teams and presented a team with a special prize nominated by the company for incorporating AI to develop community. 

Onex company co-founder Harout Abrahamyan presented the teams with certificates for creating mobile applications addressing community issues.   

Experts who worked with inclusive teams; Varsenik Hovseyan--National  Center  For  Education  Develoment and  Innovation Foundation (Ministry of  Education and Science of the Republic of Armenia) and Gayane Grigoryan, co-founder of «AGATE»Rights Defense Center for Women with Disabilities NGO  also presented teams with certificates and shared their experience working with inclusive teams with the event particiants.  

Ani Manukyan--Women and Information Society NGO, programms coordinator resented 3 teams with certificates. 

Tamara Hovhannisyan--Women and Information Society NGO, Technovation Girls, Armenia program instructor presented the teams with certificates. 

Narek Mamikonyan, instructor in Technovation Girls, Armenia,  presented certificates to the teams. 



Technovation Girls Armenia, 2022

 67 teams from Yerevan and all mares of Armenia participated in the program

The teams pitched their ideas on May 23, 25, 27 

Technovation Girls Armenia 2022 donor is

Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation

Technovation Girls Armenia, 2022 supporters are

       Service Titan, Synopsys Armenia, Union of Employers of Information and Communication Technologies (UE ICT), Technovation, European Unversity, Armenian National Plytechnical Unversity, GG company, Ararat Bank


Day  1 May 23


Technovation Girls, Armenia 2022, 8 year old girls were granted a chance to participate in the program.

The competition took place in European University 




Day 2, May 25

 Junior Teams 

The competiton took place in National Polytechnic University of Armenia




Day 3, May 27

Senior Teams 

 The competition took place in European University

In the frame of Technovation Girls Armenia 2022 senior teams presented community issues and offered solutions with mobile applications and AI prototypes.  



Technovation Girls Armenia 2022

Award Ceremony

June 26, 2022 "Technology Girls, Armenia 2022" award ceremony organized by "Women and Information Society" NGO took place in  "Elit Plaza" business center.

Technovation is the world's largest technology entrepreneurship competition for girls aged 8-18. The goal of the program is to inspire and empower young girls to become innovators and leaders by solving problems in their communities with entrepreneurship and technological knowledge gained within the program.

An expo was organized on the same day before the awards ceremony. The teams presented their ideas of mobile applications and artificial intelligence prototypes.

Narine Abazyan, president of "Women and the Information Society", project managers Ruzanna Stepanyan and Ani Manukyan gave opening speeches at the award ceremony.

Lala Khurshudyan, the mentor of "Future Voice" junior team that won the Grand Prix last year, shared their success story  and the new stage of the application's development.

Davit Sahakyan, RA Deputy Minister of High-tech Industry, made a welcome speech highlighting the active participation of girls in Technovation Girls program, which paves the way for their involvement in IT sector in the future, encouraged the girls to continue working on their projects.

Hovik Musayelyan, head of Synopsis Armenia company, mentioned in his speech that the company values ​​the program and they proves it by standing next to the program for the sixth year as a partner.

This year, the three junior and one beginners teams that won Grand Prix received prizes from Synopsys Armenia.

Eduard Musayelyan, Executive Director of UEICT, Vahram Soghomyan Vice-Rector of European University of Armenia, Gayane Stepanyan, Head of the Digital Services Department of Ararat Bank, members of jury encouraged the teams and wished success in their future endeavors.

Armenia has been  participating in the  international  program for the last sixth year. Since 2017 242 applications related to various social problems, 10 artificial intelligence prototypes have been created. 510 teams, 2552 schoolgirls, 511 mentors from all regions of Armenia and Yerevan have become part of our big family.

Goals set by Technovation Girls Armenia 2022:

• Encourage students and mentors with special educational needs to participate,

• Apply Artificial Intelligence(AI) module in mobile applications or in artificial intelligence prototypes.

• Schoolgirls aged 8-12 participate in the program as beginners. 

This year  464 schoolgirls and 109 mentors were registered for the program, 103 teams were formed, 67 teams reached regional semi-final, including 10 inclusive teams, and 17 teams that used artificial intelligence module

Alongside with winners teams  15 teams received awards in various categories: Community Development, Best Project


Winning Teams

Beginner(s)--Big Future Team,  My Little Home AI prototypes  Karchachbyur, Gegharkhunikh

Junior(s)--IT Friendship Team,  Sly Source Location mobile application, Yerevan 

                                Artemis's Followers Team,   Zoolandia mobile application, Yerevan  

                                 Opposite Team, Eduquest mobile application, Yerevan  

Senior-- Light is Power Team, Smart Wood for the Blind AI prototype, Lusakunkh, Gegharkhunikh 

              System Breakers Team, Armculture mobile application, Yerevan 


Technovation Girls Armenia 2022 donor is Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation 

Technovation Girls Armenia, 2022 supporters are: Synopsys Armenia, Union of Employers of Information and Communication Technologies (UEICT), Technovation, European Unversity, Armenian National Plytechnical Unversity, GG company, Ararat Bank.


     Technovation Girls Armenia 2022 

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